Our Story

Wight Wireless is a reliable UK based company with a friendly team of knowledgeable and helpful people who are passionate about making communications work efficiently – wherever you are.

From humble beginnings on The Isle of Wight, we are still as focused today  as we were when we began about delivering the best possible service to our customers.

May 2017 – Wight Wireless builds Somerset Network

Still committed to delivering service to rural areas, Wight Wireless is deploying Fixed Wireless access across North Somerset.

December 2016 – Wight Wireless invests in FTTC/EAD Services

Wight Wireless adds a new range of products to its portfolio.

April 2016 – Wight Wireless wins innovative contract

April 2016 – Wight Wireless wins innovative contract

Wight Wireless chosen by SSEN to design and deploy an innovative microwave solution to facilitate the safe generation of electricity at an Isle of Wight Biomass plant.   http://news.ssen.co.uk/news/all-articles/2017/02/innovative-communications-system-pioneered-on-the-isle-of-wight/  

October 2015 – Wight Wireless invests in its own voice switch

Still focused on delivering the best support possible Wight Wireless invested in its own voice switch.

January 2013 – Nammitnet re-brands to Wight Wireless

January 2013 – Nammitnet re-brands to Wight Wireless

Nammitnet rebands to Wight Wireless

April 2012 – Coverage expands into the East Wight

With demand increasing and enquiries coming in from all over the Island, the network is expanded into the East Wight – Covering, Sandown, Shanklin, Apse Heath and surrounding areas.

January 2012 – New year new look

January 2012 – New year new look

Nammitnet freshens its look with new branding

May 2011 – We add phone products into the mix

On our continuing mission to banish poor customer service, we wanted to add a phone service to our list of products – offering our customers an opportunity to completely move away from BT Lines.

Febuary 2011 – First customers connected

We focused on two villages (Arreton & Merstone) where we knew connectivity was poor. The services was well received with our customers receiving 20Mb/s a vast improvement on the < 512k speeds that were being received via a telephone line.

November 2010 – Openreach provision our 100Mb/s leased line

From the very start of our journey we have always wanted to deliver our customers the very best quality of service. We decided very early on that we would feed our network with a dedicated, low latency high capacity radio link.

September 2010 – Our first masts constructed

The first two masts on the Isle of Wight are constructed.

May 2010 – Nammitnet was born

May 2010 – Nammitnet was born

Born on the sunny Isle of Wight, we spend a fair amount of time debating what we should name our new ISP. We wanted to tick something ‘local’ to the Isle of Wight. The original brand ‘Nammitnet’ was originally chosen as we looked out into the office at a colleague eating a sandwich during lunch time – also known as ‘Nammit Time’ locally to Islanders.