Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) is a way to deliver high speed broadband to areas where ordinary technologies such as ADSL or VDSL are unable to deliver. It is no secret that the further your business is from a telephone exchange or nearest street side fibre cabinet, the slower traditional xDSL technologies become.

Unlike broadband delivered over a copper line, FWA retains its high performance over a much greater distance. Our Fixed Wireless Access service will provide full speed at a distance of up-to 5km from our base station. Fixed Wireless Access is an affordable alternative service to satellite broadband, fixed wireless access is ideal for rural businesses where it will give an equivalent performance to that of a good landline service.

30Mb/s Business ‘Lite’

  • Download Speed 30Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 3Mb/s

If your business is based in a rural location, and you find your xDSL connection is letting you down. Fixed Wireless Access is ideal for day to day usage in a busy office, our fixed wireless access delivers super-fast broadband even in the most remote of locations.

£27.50 a month

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30Mb/s Business ‘Max’

  • Download Speed 30Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 8Mb/s

If your business sends large files or works with cloud based applications our Business ‘Max’ product is ideal. With plenty of upload and download our fixed wireless access delivers super-fast broadband in even the most remote of locations.

£72.00 a month

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You will have to pay a one-off connection fee. Connection prices start at £150 and may increase depending on the complexity of the installation. We will always provide a full written quotation on any installation exceeding our standard installation charge and there is no obligation to take the service.

Why choose Wight Wireless?

  • Super friendly, reliable UK based support from our experts.
  • Hassle free transfer, we work hard to minimise any disruption to your business whilst your connection is moving to us.
  • Our network is monitored 24/7/365

Our Network

With multiple points of presence in the UK including two of the UK’s most connected data centres and access to every major telephone exchange in the UK, Wight Wireless is an excellent choice for your business communication requirements.

Our commitment to you

We genuinely want to make telecoms work for our customers.  We don’t believe in high pressure sales, we wont hassle you on a weekly basis, we simply want your contact details understand your business needs. We give honest advice and transparent pricing so please get in touch with us to discuss your requirements.