Unlimited Usage

UK Support

Upto 80Mb/s

Upto 20Mb/s

Unlimited fibre optic broadband from Wight Wireless. Our fibre broadband packages include the line rental, so you can be assured that the price you see is the price that you will pay. Unlike the other large providers in the UK we care about our customers, our support has always been and always will be in the UK.

40Mb Fibre Broadband

  • Download Speed 40Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 10Mb/s

If you are looking for a package suitable for general web browsing, and a the occasional movie, then our 40Mb/s service is ideal.

£35.00 a month inc. Line Rental

£40 one-off activation

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80Mb Home broadband only

  • Download Speed 80Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 20Mb/s

Faster, Faster, Faster! Enough broadband to sink a battle ship. With our rocket fast 80Mb/s broadband the whole family can enjoy the internet at the same time.

£40.00 a month inc. Line Rental

£40 one-off activation

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Unlimited UK Calls

Free calls to 01,02 and 03 numbers, anytime on any day.


£5.00 per month

Unlimited UK Mobile Calls

Free calls to UK’s main mobile phone networks, anytime on any day.


£10.00 per month

Caller Display

Display the called so you can see who is calling before you pick up.


£1.00 per month

Anonymous Rejection

Reject calls from anonymous numbers.


£3.00 per month

1571 Voicemail

Build in answerphone service to take your calls when you can’t get to the phone.




Why choose Wight Wireless?

We are friendly and we are passionate about giving our customers the best service, we’ll tell you exactly what speed you will receive before you sign up.

What speed will I actually get?

The speed you receive will depend on the total length of the telephone line. We can give you pretty good idea of the actual speed that your like will support – please get in touch with us.

Can you provide me with a new telephone line?

You will need a telephone line to receive our fibre optic broadband. A new line installation will cost £120.00 and you will get a free broadband activation with a new line.

I have my own router, can i use it?

Of course, so long as the router supports VDSL this is no problem.