Here are some of the questions that we answer most frequently. If you would like more information on our services, or have a question that requires a more specific answer; please do not hesitate to get in touch on 01983 77 00 00 where we would be happy to discuss your requirements.


How does wireless broadband work?

We use the latest wireless technology to deliver high speed broadband through our purpose built broadband network. Unlike mobile phone networks our network is capable of delivering huge amounts of data very quickly. Low latency, and reliable bandwidth make our services an excellent choice for online gamers and people who enjoy todays streaming services such as BBC iPlayer.

Because we do not rely on telephone lines, location is not an issue for us. Even customers in the most remote of area’s can experience the speed of our wireless service.

How fast is wireless broadband?

We use the latest wireless technology to provide the fastest speeds, the high speed receiver that we install on the outside of your home or business communicates with our network at around 100Mbps. So when we provide our customers with a 10Mbs service for example, we can deliver it unlike many of the conventional ADSL broadband providers who rely so heavily on the quality of a telephone line.

Will wireless broadband work with any computer?

Our service is compatible with any computer or mobile device (MAC, Windows or Linux OS that has a network interface card. No additional software or hardware is required, just connect your computer to our wireless N router and enjoy the service.

Will i get an email address with my broadband service?

At Wight Wireless we operate our own mail servers. These are available for our customers to relay mail through, or host an email account on our wightwireless.me domain.

Is wireless broadband affected by weather?

Our services are not normally affected by adverse weather conditions, unlike satellite connections our radio waves only have to travel a fraction of the distance compared to a round trip to space and back.

My current broadband connection is slow, will wireless broadband help?

Definitely, one of the benefits of our service is that the service does not degrade in quality the further you are away from our base stations. This makes our services an excellent choice if you live in a more rural area.

Are there any data limits, how much can i download?

Our services are uncapped, so there is no data limit. But to protect our customers we do operate a Fair use policy. This means that any user that abuses the service to the point that it degrades the experience of our other customers, we will implement traffic management. To download a copy of our Fair use policy (FUP) click here.

Do i need a telephone line to receive Wight Wireless?

The short answer is NO! Do you really need a land line? Many people have mobile phones these days with bundles of minutes, meaning that the good old land line is soon becoming a thing of the past. Our network operates independently of telephone lines, so you could be saving around £200 per year alone on BT line rental.

Do i need planning permission?

Generally speaking planning permission is not required for you to have one of our receivers. Although in some cases it may not be possible to install our equipment on listed buildings, in these circumstance we can install our equipment on a nearby outbuilding. We offer a free site survey before we carry our installations, where we would be able to discuss the potential locations of our equipment.

What does the Wight Wireless installation involve?

Once you have expressed an interest in our services, we would normally visit your home or business to discuss the location of our equipment. At this point we would be able to tell you whether there are any works outside our standard installation and the excess charges for such works.

The outdoor receiving equipment?

The outdoor receiving equipment remains property of Wight Wireless at all times, and if you decide at any point to terminate service with us; it must be returned to us. If the outside equipment becomes faulty it will be replaced by Wight Wireless, however any intentional, or accidental damage to the receiver that results in a replacement will be billed to the customer.

What equipment do i need?

Inside the home, there are two key pieces of equipment; the PSU for the external receiving equipment, and the standard wireless N router. Once the service installed the Wireless router becomes the property of the customer, and any settings inside it may be customized to suite the customer requirements. If the standard router is not sufficient we can provide more advanced routers at additional cost. If you would prefer to supply your own router, our network is compatible with most DSL routers (for cable connections).

Does Wight Wireless work with Vodafone sure signal?

Indeed it does, and the protocols used by sure signal are prioritized on our network. The Vodafone sure signal is an excellent choice for customers who struggle to get mobile phone signal, the sure signal establishes a secure session through the internet to Vodafone, and effectively creates your own private mobile phone network in your home.

Can i use Wight Wireless to connect to my Work VPN?

Yes, and because our upload speeds are faster than most it works very well.

The Fair Use Policy (FUP)

You can download a copy of our fair use policy by clicking here.

How long is the Wight Wireless Contract?

The initial contract with Wight Wireless is 18 months, after this it will switch to a rolling one month contract meaning that if you decide to leave you will need to provide us with 28 days’ notice. Failure to fulfil the initial contract term will result in the remaining duration of the contract being billed on the final account.