Our dedicated point to point radio circuits easily complete with Fibre Optic in terms of performance. But often at a fraction of the cost especially if you are in a really rural area.

So what is difference between a standard contended broadband connection and dedicated access? Dedicated internet access means that a specific amount of internet bandwidth has been reserved exclusively for your use across our network, which is then transited from our nearest base station to your premises via a dedicated radio link.

Standard broadband services are what is known in the industry as best effort, or the more popular term ‘up-to’. No bandwidth is reserved for any one customer on a best effort service, during busy network times a contended network connection could slow down.

Dedicated Connectivity

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Is it really dedicated?

Absolutely! Dedicated connections get a dedicated point to point radio link, from our base station into your premises. This premium product can be tailored to your exact requirements, so give us a call.

I need diversity, is this possible?

Indeed it is, our preferred top-end radio manufacturer has a whole range of products for this. N+1 redundancy is a form of resilience that ensures system availability in the event of component failure. Components (N) have at least one independent backup component (+1).