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Reliable, cheap and incredibly flexible - exactly what a modern telephone system should be. Phone systems don't have to be complicated, whether you require single phone line or a fully featured telephone system with all of the features you can imagine - Wight Wireless can help.

Simple phone line

Ideal for shops, pubs or small offices. A simple phone line does exactly what is says on the tin. No whistles no bells, simply life the handset and dial.

We install a small analogue adaptor, that will allow you to continue using a conventional telephone.

£14.40 a month

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Hosted phone system

Hosted voip, removing the hastle and complexities that come with a traditional office PBX. With a significantly smaller outlay on expensive hardware and maintenance, our cloud based phone systems allow you to focus on your business.

Cloud based phone systems are ideal for companies with multiple sites, seemlessly transfer calls between offices at no extra cost. Unlike a traditional telephone system, which is limited by hardware, cloud based VoIP systems are infinately scalable. We can supply and add phones to your phone system rapidly to keep up with business demand.

You will also benefit from a large range of features, such as call recording, call monitoring, Interactive Voice Menus (IVR) as standard.

Wight Wireless supply a range of voip handsets tried and tested with our VoIP network, with handsets starting at just £75 + VAT and monthly charges as little as £30 per month - why not give us a call to discuss your requirements.




Can i keep my existing phone number?

In most cases yes, the process takes around 10 days. If you have a large range of numbers to transfer to our network, it can take upto 3 weeks.

Do i need a broadband connection?

Indeed you do, VoIP is basically Voice over Internet. VoIP calls use very little bandwidth on the grand scheme of things.