Fixed Wireless Access

Unlimited Usage

Cheaper Calls

UK Support

Upto 30Mb/s

30Mb Fixed Wireless Access

  • Download Speed 30Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 3Mb/s

Faster, Faster, Faster! Enough broadband to sink a battle ship. With our rocket fast 30Mb/s broadband the whole family can enjoy the internet at the same time.

£35.00 a month

Line rental £15.00
Broadband: £20.00

£99 one-off activation

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30Mb Fixed Wireless Access – Broadband ONLY

  • Download Speed 30Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 3Mb/s

No landline required. Save over £100 in line rental with our broadband only Fixed Wireless Access.

£27.00 a month

£99 one-off activation

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Phone Bolt On’s

Unlimited UK Calls

Free calls to 01,02 and 03 numbers, anytime on any day.

£5.00 per month

Unlimited UK Mobile Calls

Free calls to UK’s main mobile phone networks, anytime on any day.

£10.00 per month

Caller Display

Display the called so you can see who is calling before you pick up.

£1.00 per month

Anonymous Rejection

Reject calls from anonymous numbers.

£3.00 per month

1571 Voicemail

Build in answerphone service to take your calls when you can’t get to the phone.



Will i need a MAC Code?
Usually when you transfer traditional broadband, you would need a MAC code. But because our network is totally independent of BT phone network, we do not require a MAC code. You will however need to ensure that you cancel your existing broadband service with your provider, once your Wight Wireless connection is live.


Can I use my existing router?

In some cases yes, although we don’t always recommend it. Our network requires a WAN with an RJ45 port – most routers compatible with ‘cable’ broadband are supported. If you have any special requirements, or would like some advice please give us a call.


Can i connect more than one computer?
Absolutely, sharing is caring! As standard we provide a wireless router with 4 ethernet ports. Ethernet ports are ideal for devices that need a rock solid connection such a sky box, and the wireless access point will connect your laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc.


Can i keep my phone number?
In most cases yes, the process takes around 10 days. Once your number has transferred you could save over £100 per year when compared with an ‘Anytime’ BT landline.