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Upto 30Mb/s

It’s no great secret that the further you are from your local telephone exchange, the slower ADSL broadband gets. This is because the further the signal has to travel, the weaker it becomes – the same principle applies with a voice call. It’s not uncommon in our office to hear the words ‘even our landline is quiet’. With our VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone lines, you will get crisp and clear calls, over our high speed broadband network.

Our broadband and telephone services are great EVEN in rural areas, because our network doesn’t rely on age old copper telephone lines. We use the latest fixed wireless access technology to deliver superfast broadband into areas where traditional broadband and phone, lets say… could be better.

10Mb Home broadband & phone

  • Download Speed 10Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 1Mb/s

If you are looking for a package suitable for general web browsing, and a the occasional movie, then our 10Mb/s service is ideal.

VOIP phone: £9.50
Broadband: £17.50

£27.00 a month

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  • £89.00 Standard Connection Fee
  • Free wireless N router
  • UK Support
  • Unlimited usage

30Mb Home broadband & phone

  • Download Speed 30Mb/s
  • Upload Speed 3Mb/s

Faster, Faster, Faster! Enough broadband to sink a battle ship. With our rocket fast 30Mb/s broadband the whole family can enjoy the internet at the same time.

VOIP phone: £9.50
Broadband: £24.00

£33.50 a month

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  • £89.00 Standard Connection Fee
  • Free wireless N router
  • UK Support
  • Unlimited usage

Phone Bolt On’s

Unlimited UK Calls

Free calls to 01,02 and 03 numbers, anytime on any day.

£5.00 per month

Unlimited UK Mobile Calls

Free calls to UK’s main mobile phone networks, anytime on any day.

£10.00 per month

Anonymous Rejection

Reject calls from anonymous numbers.

£3.00 per month


Will i need a MAC Code?

Usually when you transfer traditional broadband, you would need a MAC code. But because our network is totally independent of BT phone network, we do not require a MAC code. You will however need to ensure that you cancel your existing broadband service with your provider, once your Wight Wireless connection is live.

Can i use my existing router?

In some cases yes, although we don’t always recommend it. Our network requires a WAN with an RJ45 port – most routers compatible with ‘cable’ broadband are supported. If you have any special requirements, or would like some advice please give us a call.

Can i connect more than one computer?

Absolutely, sharing is caring! As standard we provide a wireless router with 4 ethernet ports. Ethernet ports are ideal for devices that need a rock solid connection such a sky box, and the wireless access point will connect your laptops, mobile phones and tablets etc.

Can i keep my phone number?

In most cases yes, the process takes around 10 days. Once your number has transferred you could save over £100 per year when compared with an ‘Anytime’ BT landline.