Our company

Since 2009 Wight Wireless have become one of the Island’s most experienced Internet Service Providers. Wight Wireless provides superfast broadband connections to hundreds of homes and businesses across the Isle of Wight. The rural nature of the Island means that many homes and businesses were finding that they were too far from the exchange and that the age old copper lines were simply not up to the job. By using a combination of fibre optic, high capacity microwave and last mile Wi-Fi technology over our own network of base stations, our connections offer superfast speeds combined with the low latency that fibre provides – even in some of the Island’s most rural locations.

Expect more than just broadband

Expect savings too, with the age of mobile phones who needs a BT landline? Our customers don’t! Because our service is delivered without a landline there is really no need to have one, so you could be saving around £200 in BT line rental alone. BUT if you do find yourself missing the classic ring of that old fashioned phone don’t worry, we can provide telephone services too!

So why haven’t we heard of you?

Our business has grown by word of mouth up until now. When we started our business in 2009 we invested our time, energy and expertise on our network, and in our products rather than expensive advertising campaigns. Our customer’s confidence shows when they are willing to recommend our products to friends and family.